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Located right in the heart of Fulham “Parsons Green” has become distinct from Fulham over the years and very much a brand in itself. The availability of fantastic family houses, the excellent transport links and the parks and green areas have all pushed this part of town high up on the list of those looking for a cosy suburban feel in the centre of South West London. Here at Lawsons and Daughters we’ve been selling and renting property in the area for years and have an intrinsic understanding of what people look for when it comes to family homes and properties generally. This is why we’re the Parson Green estate agents who offer something a bit different – our customer service is not only second to none – we also clearly comprehend what our clients are looking for and do our best to make them happy. This is why we have such a high referral rate among our customers.


Parsons Green has been attracting people for decades and with the growing influx of wealth into the area there’s been a rapid increase in the number of local cafes and shops, helping to create a vibrant community. Well known landmarks include the White Horse pub nicknamed the “Sloaney Pony” (due to its reputation as a Sloane Ranger hangout). This venue has a great outdoor seating area and a wide selection of beers and brunch. As well as this, the Hurlingham Club is a private members club highly recommended for those looking to experience the best of the area. Situated in the heart of a stunning Georgian mansion, the club’s surrounded by 42 acres of private green space and being able to walk there from the Green is clearly a big advantage.

On a sunny weekend, the area’s packed with people picnicking, dogwalking – or hanging out at one of the pubs.

Letting agents in Parsons Green

While Parsons Green is very popular with families, it also has a lot of singles looking for property. Often young professionals who are thinking of having children in the next few years seek to rent a flat in the area to see how they like it – and whether they want to stay on and settle. They usually do!

So remember to give one of our team a call – they’re ready to help you out and will ask you the necessary questions in order to ensure you walk away a happy client. We pride ourselves on being the number one estate agents in Parsons Green.

Having spent years building up our reputation, we’re the SW15 estate agents with a strong local data base and contacts in the area and can find you property for sale and to rent, wherever you feel suits your needs.

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