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If you’re looking to sell your property, it’s important that you find a good estate agent. Then you can be assured that your property will be marketed well and subsequently attract all of the deserved attention from potential buyers. However, there are also other things you can do to make sure viewers look upon what you have to offer favourably. Here are a few other ways you can give your home the upper-hand when it comes to selling:

Know your market

It’s important to consider your target market. Are you looking to attract families? Young professionals? Investors? Whoever you’re looking to sell to, one of the key steps is to make sure your property appeals to your chosen market. Try to tailor your space to this group – for example if a young professional couple would be your ideal buyers, make sure there’s no clutter to make room for a good workspace (if available) and highlight the second bedroom in case they’d like to have a child in the near future. This will persuade them to buy your property as they will not be forced to move homes when planning for a third addition to their family. And remember, Spring and Autumn are the best times to sell your property as prices are usually on the up due to the fact that demand simply outweighs supply.


If you’ve ever visited a property with lots of ‘stuff’ in it, you’ll know what we mean when we say we think it’s a good idea to de-clutter. Get rid of ornaments, photos and posters in kids’ bedrooms and put things you don’t need into the attic or in storage. Think about it from a viewer’s point of view; they need to make it ‘theirs’; they need to put their stamp on it.

The logical theory behind this is, “less clutter means more space and as a result, more space will give the buyers an opportunity to visualise their own belongings and selves in the property.” Encouraging the imagination to work may be the catalyst in getting your property sold.

Preparing for Viewings

First impressions are vital and you need to be able to appeal to as many people as you possibly can. Keep things tidy, don’t smoke or cook before viewings. If you have dogs, be aware that some people are nervous of them and perhaps leave them with the neighbours if possible. Open the windows and curtains, turn on the lights and sweep the porch – all very important if you’re looking to get the best offer you can.

If your target buyers are couples or/and families, it would help to make your property feels as homely and as comfortable as possible by adding some non-expensive warm touches; such as a vase of flowers, plants scattered around the garden/balcony/drive/ window seals.

Another tip for when preparing for viewings, it’s a good idea to have neutral décor throughout. Although some buyers may like bold, adventurous or even quirky styles, other potential buyers may be overwhelmed or (in extreme cases) put off. Having the walls and flooring (carpet/tiles/laminate/wood) in neutral, soft, warm colours will provided buyers coming around to view your property with a blank canvas in order to put their own stamp on the place. This tip, although simple, will also give potential buyers the impression that your property is much bigger than it actually is; and thus may be the deciding factor in answering the all-important question – “to buy or not to buy?”

Of course, if you choose Lawsons and Daughters as your agent, we will without a doubt help you every step of the way – and give you key tips and insights throughout the selling process to make sure things run as smooth as possible with minimal delay